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Pitex - Classy Handmade Accessories


Exceptionally handmade women's accessories

Do you love shopping for accessories, but can’t find uniqueness in style? You visit different stores, but they all sell the same accessories?

That’s one of the reasons how Pitex brand was born years ago, with a mission to give people freedom to choose their own style.

Since then, they produce exceptionally beautiful, handmade accessories for women or accessories to decorate your house.

Here you’ll find with famous global artworks decorated tote bags, backpacks, cosmetic bags, travel bags, and much more.

And if you look for ways how to bring new colors to your home interior, here you’ll find fascinating table placements or decorative pillows that will make your home interior shine.

In short, that’s the only place where you’ll get unique, handmade and 100% made-in-Lithuania accessories!

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The Challenge

Over the last 14 years, Pitex team brings joy by creating handmade accessories decorated by famous art pieces worldwide.

Did you ever want to have Vincent Van Gogh’s art piece at home? Now you can have it as a backpack decorated with his masterpiece.

And Pitex handmade accessories were amazing, however, the main issue was not here. Most of their sales channels were built through B2B connections. And it doesn’t mean that they haven’t tried to diversify their sales channels before, and over the past years, they had tried launching several eCommerce sites, however, they weren’t successful.

As the result, they were looking for new advertising partners that could build advertising strategy online and help them to lift their brand online.

The Strategy

After several meetings with a client and a few project proposals, we’ve agreed that the best growth strategy online would be through paid media.

As the result, we’ve built a fully scoped advertising strategy based on 2 main channels, Google and Facebook Ads.

In short, marketing funnel has been built to drive traffic through visually appealing Facebook video and image ads. Later with the help of retargeting campaigns and targeting already warm audiences, generate sales through Facebook and Google remarketing campaigns.

And in the later marketing funnel steps, we’ve built Google search ads strategy focused on making conversions at the last step of the funnel.

Lastly, we believe that paid media channel alone isn’t the best strategy, and next to it has come an additional marketing channel. Thus, next to paid media campaigns we were collecting newsletter leads through Facebook leads generation ads which we could later use in email marketing campaigns.

The results

Pitex - Classy Handmade Accessories

Advertising strategy to drive traffic online through Google, and Facebook Ads has successfully increased traffic online, doubled the sales, and helped us to grow our newsletter list for remarketing campaigns.

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