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Why Lemonhook?

Working at Lemonhook

Is simply more than a job, it’s a way of living. We work hard and always raise the bar to achieve greatness. We value our culture and honor our top talents. If that sounds tempting, then join our team today!

Top Talents & Cool Clients​

Here work the top talented designers, marketeers programmers and business people. We work with various types of companies, from small startups to massive brands, and there's one thing in common among all of them. We work only with the coolest of them!

Competitive Salary​

We believe that talents should be well compensated. In fact you'll always get what's promised on the paper, we'll highlight your top performance and always get extra for additional results.

Endless Growth​

We believe that a spectacular performance should be always recognized. Thus you'll get complete support for your professional growth, we'll cover all the trainings and your top performance will be recognized.

Flexible Work Environment

You'll work at a flexible and hybrid environment. Several days a week you'll be welcome at our office and the rest of week you can work from anywhere you want. We don't have strict dresscodes or nonsenses that other agencies does. Lastly, take your loved pets to the office, because they're always welcome here!

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From the Team

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Lina Sakalauskaite


“What I like most about working at Lemonhook is the complete creative freedom I get. I can fully choose which design route should we go for our projects and my input is always valued at the company.”

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