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We’re providing an opportunity for passionate writers and industry professionals to write insightful articles on different topics about Digital Marketing.

As the result, you’ll gain credibility , exposure and recognition that’ll boost your brand awareness and help you to grow your audience from the relevant industry topics.

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Contributor application

Important Guidelines

If you want to write for use, please review the following guidelines and instructions to be hosted on our Blog.

1. Content Originality

We expect you to submit content that is original and unique which means that it hasn’t been published anywhere else. Blog post should be Copyscape-tested and plagiarism-free. While any plagiarism will not be tolerated and can result in permanent restriction for future submissions.

2. Content Rights

Once your submitted an approved article for publication, you grant us the rights to be the owner of that content and you cannot publish the same content anywhere else.

3. Length

Your submitted content should be more than 1500 words. Please make sure that you do not compromise content quality in order to write more words.

4. Outbound Links

You’re allowed to have 1 branded backlink to your business website. However, the outbound link should be leading back to an article on your blog with a relevant topic.

No links to CBD, affiliate marketing, casino/gambling, porno, and other explicit content are allowed.

5. Format & Characteristics

You submitted content must comply with the following guidelines:

  • Written in American English
  • Grammatically accurate and properly edited
  • Precise sentences and no paragraph longer than 4 lines
  • Article must be optimized around a target keyword that has a sufficient search demand
  • Use proper heading, subheadings, points, numbering, etc.
  • Make sure to have a logical content flow
  • Submit the (editable) file in a Google Doc or Microsoft Doc

Please keep your content simple, understandable, and clean so that it is easy to read and even the 5th grader could understand it.

6. Multimedia

It isn’t necessary to add media to your articles, yet we encourage you to attach images to your content to make it more engaging and expressive.

7. Important Information

If you have mentioned any business/tools/brands or any company in which you have interest, please disclose this information to us.

Also, we may ask you to remove or edit any piece of information or mention of a business or other information from your submitted content if your article will be published.

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