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Fitnetfood - Fresh & Delicious Food Daily


Here everyone finds food plans they truly want!

Tired of calculating calories or simply don’t have enough time to cook fresh food daily?

Then you should try Fitnetfood. Starting from as low as 17,51€ per day for a food plan you’ll get 5 balanced and healthy meals each day: breakfast, forenoon, lunch, snacks and dinner.

In addition, new weekly menu will ensure that you won’t get bored eating the same food over and over again. Fitnetood team picks only the best-quality products for their meals. And if you don’t eat onions or you do have an allergy to cheese, no problem, because Fitnetfood team will create for you an individual menu.

In short, that’s the only food subscription you’ll ever need for!

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The Challenge

For more than 10 years Fitnetfood team takes care of fresh and healthy food delivery to Vilnius citizens’ homes and offices. During these years, brand built a strong reputation, as the brand that delivers its promises and provides fresh, healthy, and very delicious food each day.

Next to 3 main food plans: people trying to lose weight, standard, and plan for athletes, they also offer individual food plans and business plans. 

Until now, their advertising strategy wasn’t that effective and their ex-agency was under-delivering.

As the result, they were looking for new partners that would help them to grow business influence around Vilnius and overtake market share from its main competitors.

The Strategy

After several meetings with the client, we’ve decided that the best strategy to grow business influence would be through paid media.

Therefore a full-scope advertising strategy was built, that includes each step of the marketing funnel. From campaigns focused on brand awareness to consideration and sales-focused campaigns.

In short, the advertising strategy was built to raise brand awareness and generate targeted traffic through Google and Facebook Display ads campaigns. Later the same traffic was retargeted with consideration Facebook image ads, mostly through happy clients’ testimonials.

Lastly, Google search and Facebook video ads were the final step of the funnel to generate conversions, or other sales, which in the end was the highest business priority.

The results

Fitnetfood - Fresh & Healthy Food Daily

Advertising strategy to drive traffic online through Google, and Facebook Ads has successfully increased traffic to the website, increased sales, and overall helped to strengthen business presence online.

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