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Virtual Vacations

Virtual Vacations

I'm on Vacation!

Have you ever thought how it feels like to explore inhabitat tropical island or dive under the water next to dangerous predators? Now everything is possible at Virtual Vacations VR which is a first-person holiday simulation experience that was built exclusively for virtual reality devices and brings you closer to the KiruKuru islands to enjoy your perfect dream holidays.

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Increased website traffic


Increase in revenue

The Challenge

Virtual Vacations video game have released almost 2 years ago, and after the initial release it has experienced depreciation in their website traffic and sales. Their business goal was to develop a holistic marketing strategy that increases site traffic and generate more sales.

The Strategy

After analyzing the client problems we’ve developed a marketing strategy focused on generating traffic through paid media. Generate site traffic and brand recognition through Google and Facebook Ads, and focus on retargeting Twitter campaigns. Prior to launching campaigns, we’ve updated the landing page and store pages, and other social media accounts to keep a consistent brand style across all the channels.

The results

A Step Closer to Your Dream Holidays

Our marketing strategy to drive traffic through paid and social media channels have increased traffic to the landing page and the customers were retargeted with retargeting campaigns to convert into the buying customers.

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Website Traffic

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Increase in Renevue


Campaigns Launched

I’m impressed by the speed, quality and customer support of Lemonhook Agency; they really do listen to you, the customer, and that shows in the results!
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