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Fitmenta - Truck Accessories Online


We've been producing the highest quality truck accessories more than 20 years!

Are you a truck driver and your cabin feels like a second home?

Then you must have heard about Fitmenta before, if not you’ll be surprised that they’re the leading force in the Baltic States that serves the highest quality products for truck tuning enthusiasts for more than 20 years.

In their online store, you’ll find everything you need to tune both your truck’s interior and exterior. Here you’ll get quality cabin tables, mats, curtains, exterior accessories, and much more.

So why you’re waiting any longer, visit their store and make your truck journey feel more comfortable!

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The Challenge

Fitmenta is a well-known brand with over 20 years of experience selling truck accessories across the Baltic States and having other partners around Europe.

Despite that they’ve been known within the industry for quite some time, their digital transformation is still new. Only a few years ago they revamped their brand, created an online store, and started selling more of their production online.

With this in mind, they’ve looked for advertising partners that could help them be more visible online and boost their new production.

The Strategy

After several meetings with the client and a few brainstorming sessions together, we’ve agreed upon that the best strategy to generate traffic and boost eCommerce sales online would be through paid media channels.

Thus, we’ve developed a paid media strategy where we’ve generated traffic through YouTube Ads. For this, we’ve created several ad videos with different production.

Once the viewers visited the online shop we gathered store visitors in a separate audience bucket and later down the marketing funnel we’ve retargeted them with Google Display Ads and the end goal to bring them back to the store.

For display ads, we’ve created different customer banners and rotated them appropriately so that website visitors wouldn’t get bored quickly.

The results

Truck Tunning Specialists With 20 Years of Experience

Our advertising strategy to drive traffic online through Google, and Youtube Ads has successfully increased traffic to the website and truck accessories sales online.

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